They call it #DarkCottageCore

You could probably call it all kinds of things other than #DarkCottageCore (the Wicked Witch of the West to Glenda the Good Witch’s pastel-laden fluffy #CottageCore) but this black-clad aesthetic seems here to stay- covering all things home and fashion.

I found some examples around the internet for you. Apparently it’s “huge on Tik Tok” and on Animal Crossing!

In this day and age, it looks like people have more & more of a need to embrace their shadow selves– which is not a bad thing. Humans have primordial needs to take shelter in the dark & calm.

Do you have a dream dark cottage core situation? Let’s imagine being there.

I’m seeing a line of dark cottage-core scents: moss oak, dark rain, dark cider…

Click on the photos to go the original sources —>

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