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There’s never enough spooky scary content out there. The search is endless. I’m a professional Spookiness Expert, as evidenced here in one of my Vogue Magazine articles:

How to Spend a Spooky Weekend in Las Vegas

Trust me. I’m Thuc Doan Nguyen and I’m always looking for things that scare me and transmute them. I find the spooky in the every day. You can find out more about me and my goals here. I’ve never been a “blogger”- a tweeter yes- to share articles and findings, but I haven’t blogged because it’s not my habit to share my face or my personal life much on the internet. I prefer to share ideas and news.

However, it’s a weird world out there, so I’m distracting myself with things like building presentation decks and this website… so we can share some delights together while we wait until it’s totally safe to go outdoors around others again.

You can see what I think about in between writing screenplays & being an essayist for major publications: You can see my work in Vogue, Esquire, The Daily Beast, Southern Living, VICE, Refinery29, The Los Angeles Times, The Hollywood Reporter & more, which is my bread & butter.

Some posts here may be of the brief n’ snappy “oh, look what I found that’s neat” variety, while others may go a tad more in-depth and touch upon cool cultural topics. xx

Here’s me- sometimes I look like this, sometimes I look like death-even more-warmed-over

Thuc at Corey Helford’s

And YES, I write horror movies

Mmmm scary & delicious

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365 days of Halloween,

what a dream

.pretty can be boring. pretty spooky is different.

cupcakes if they’re scary, cashmere if it’s black 😉

am I poking fun at “lifestyle blogging” here? it’s entirely possible