Spookier Homes & Gardens

Home is where the haunt is!

Where do you hang your witch’s hat?

Ever gone by a spooky house and wondered what’s inside?

Maybe I can help you with that…

Photo by Jeffrey Czum on Pexels.com

Did you say a Satanists’ Lair in the hotbed of witches? Yes, yes, I did

A Victorian castle in Los Angeles? Yes, you heard right. Right this way–

Super Vixen Micheline Pitt’s #normanhauntedhome

If I could only live in Roger’s Gardens

Cutesy/preppy home-brands have become spooky in order to survive: Vampire chihuahua & haunted house night lights

Spookier Homes & Gardens

Curiosity cupboards & more

Sun crosses & parrot feathers

Be illuminated. The time is now

#DarkCottageCore? – You ought to know

A home fit for a vampire? Well… sort of. Let’s do better!

Wanna bet?