Spookier Homes & Gardens: Micheline Pitt’s #normanhauntedhome

Prepare to fall head over spiky heels

Micheline Pitt and I recently started being Twitter friends through a mutual horror gal pal – Heather Wixon who wrote an article about my screenwriting partner and me.

I saw a post of Heather’s about Micheline in Rue Morgue. I then looked on Micheline’s website and saw a t-shirt design that encapsulates the horror feature screenplay I wrote with my friend Nanea “Tay” Taylor called The Stroke After Midnight where:

A Voodoo Priestess decides to take revenge upon the serial killers who murder her younger sister, by bringing her sister back to life, using the body parts of other slain women.

“She’s every woman. It’s all in her”

– Thanks, Chaka Khan.

You can call it a #ZomCom or a grindhouse revenge story. Most importantly, it’s about sisterly love and setting things right for all kinds of women.

Sales benefit RAINN

You can pre-order this t-shirt here. Sales benefit a group that helps sexual abuse survivors.

I look at Micheline’s photos to see she’s been working on her own spooky space- her home in Burbank. You can follow along with her hashtag #normanhauntedhome.

Here are some photos I think are extra cool:

Hope this guy’s a good roommate!

Is this inspiring you to create more of a spooky space somewhere for yourself?

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