Malignant House

Haunted house?

You’ll have to watch & see

September 14, 2021

Are you a fan of the new James Wan directed horror film MALIGNANT too? The horror movie just came out this past weekend – on September 10 (yes- Marie Laveau’s birthday).

I’m glad it appears that two womxn wrote the story/screenplay too – since the lead is a woman — Ingrid Bisu (story by) * Akela Cooper(story by) —

After you’ve seen the movie, you’ll know why the tag line is so very perfect:

“It’s not in your head.

It’s in your house”!

Can you tell if there are any clues that connect to The Conjuring cinematic universe at all?

I googled filming locations and so far online there are only pointers that the Seattle set story was actually filmed “in Los Angeles”. So, I’ll one up that and say that the lead character’s house is actually specifically in Pasadena.

I have proof. Here are stills from the film.

Notice the house number painted on the curb (by the car): 1510

Madison Mitchell’s home in MALIGNANT

Some rain machines, some post production color and voila- we’ve got the “Pacific Northwest”:

From the film – Washington State plates because we’re pretending to be in Seattle
You’ll see why this big window matches up —

Our fun “photo dump”:

Bea is a super sleuth & is on the case. She knows what’s plaguing Madison…
I was always drawn to this house before – and therefore I was delighted when I watched the film and saw that it’s one of the stars!

The Devil is in the details…

And then we drove a few blocks away & saw this- complete with eerie finger prints!
Coincidence? I think NOT

LOVED Malignant – seeing a woman’s struggle centered and that a huge theme of the story is sisterly love. So, James Wan, if you need cute dogs for your next horror movie, we’re here for you!

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