Visit “Haddonfield”

You’ve seen Halloween (the movie series), now see it with a dog model…

September 17, 2021

It’s almost the “autumnal equinox” or “fall solstice” when the seasons change… so the pups and I thought we’d give you a little tour of the setting for the Halloween horror movie franchise aka South Pasadena, California.

#HalloweenKills comes out in a few weeks! The trailer is here:

Please enjoy our pictorial we made for you:

Laurie Strode’s house
Jasper stayed right next to us in the car with the windows down (nice cool day) because he is unruly &
needs to go to handsome boy modeling school.
Don’t worry – he walked all around the park and Michael Myers’ house!

Who is this wild man Jasper? Click here to find out more…

Myers House
The town
Reverse angle- same intersection!
There’s a crow peeking out behind Bea
Look- who’s in the tree????
Who’s that guy? Ahhh

Happy Halloween!

Let’s get ready for a whole month + of Halloween

Which is your favorite Halloween movie?

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