Halloween Road

Leave it to Freeform to always do it right!

2021’s #FreeformHalloweenRoad is spectacular.

Ever wanted to physically be in the world of your favorite spooky movies? You can be- once a year in Los Angeles when all your Halloween-time screen idols come to life at Halloween Road.

First you walk along an illuminated dirt hiking trail in the magical North-East LA (my stomping grounds of many years), lined with signs showing you the way and warning you of “low flying witches”, aliens and “no vampire” zones.

Along the way to Halloween Town, you can do some adult trick-or-treating at the numerous stations of giant pumpkins, giant snakes, giant scary gummy bears and more.

We made it and dared to enter

When you first enter the town, you get a glimpse of the gorgeous Victorian church and other beautiful homes of Heritage Square. Each one has areas where you can do things like collect your own potions and spells from the Sanderson sisters (from the classic movie Hocus Pocus), trap your own ghost with Ecto-1, Slimer and the guys from Ghostbusters, light up the night with Uncle Fester and Wednesday Addams and even dance a jig with a zombie!

Help us! The Sanderson Sisters got us – in their house!
Uncle Fester lights up the night — while Wednesday plots

Add in some on-site made ice cream, complete with gummy worms, red hots and “eye-balls”, sliders, pizza and various spooky concoctions and you’ve got an ultra winning night.

Sweet treats!
MILES BROWN, DIGGY SIMMONS, TREVOR JACKSON represent at the event in celebration of ’31 Nights of Halloween.’
(Freeform/Image Group LA)
JASON REITMAN & MCKENNA GRACE made it out! (Freeform/Image Group LA)

We’re all winners when we have spooky fun stuff to watch and inspire us-

Cool giveaways- thank you!

Thanks for such a great time, Freeform ❤

Happy haunting, everyone and a super Spooky Season to you all!

It’d be so nice to have 365 nights of Halloween, but at least we have #31NightsofHalloween!

*All photos & video by Thuc Doan Nguyen unless otherwise specified. All rights reserved. 2021

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