Visit “Haddonfield”

You’ve seen Halloween (the movie series), now see it with a dog model… September 17, 2021 It’s almost the “autumnal equinox” or “fall solstice” when the seasons change… so the pups and I thought we’d give you a little tour of the setting for the Halloween horror movie franchise aka South Pasadena, California. #HalloweenKills comesContinue reading “Visit “Haddonfield””

Haddonfield is South Pasadena

You probably already know this by now, but Haddonfield, Illinois in the 1970s-80s John Carpenter slasher movie series “Halloween” is actually the quaint town of South Pasadena. Even in the Rob Zombie’s 2016 update called “31”, the South Pas Library stands in for the high school. The Myers house is next to the yellow/gold lineContinue reading “Haddonfield is South Pasadena”