Haddonfield is South Pasadena

You probably already know this by now, but Haddonfield, Illinois in the 1970s-80s John Carpenter slasher movie series “Halloween” is actually the quaint town of South Pasadena. Even in the Rob Zombie’s 2016 update called “31”, the South Pas Library stands in for the high school.

The Myers house is next to the yellow/gold line light rail stop and a cute ice cream shop, right across from an Indian-food restaurant and a La Monarca Bakery. It’s a very multi-cultural area, with its own 1800s ostrich farm museum a few steps away, where the South Pas farmer’s market takes place. The little town also still has a video store, which boasts a great collection of hard to find stuff. Are you any less scared now?

Global Filming Locations

Oddly and magically enough, right next to the filming location for the Myers house is a horror-art gallery called Sugarmynt who has horror installations from the entertainment world all-year-round.

LA Times

Funny enough- about ten blocks away is Pee Wee Herman’s house. South Pasadena has doubled for all kinds of wonderful weird.

Here’s a video about the woman who owns and runs the place and all the Halloween horror film fans who descend upon the block.

If you’re a super duper fan, you can stay in your very own “Scare-b-n-b” aka Halloween-Michael Myers themed Airbnb rental next to the gallery. Special killer laundry service is not included*


If you’re ever around during the “Christmas season” , the gallery’s Michael Myers’ holiday tree is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen in my life- good stuff!

For a rescue pup guided tour, please go here!

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