Burn, baby, burn!

As we approach the dark seasons – autumn, winter, I’m getting ready with good-smelling things that also emit light. Also, candles are just good to have around in case the power goes out.

I’m glad to get all-natural spooky burnables to quench the quasi-pyro side of me. Most of these are from one Etsy artisan – Dragonwyck Aromatics. Sandra makes the best stuff in Michigan & I love supporting her. She makes more than fragrant magic. She also makes sparkly things like runes. I’ve always known about runes, but have never owned any or tried to use them, but these are so pretty, I picked up a set to have in the house.

Another addition is something I got from the Museum of Natural History in Morro Bay, California. It’s one of my favorite places to visit. It feels like an East Coast fishing village, but on the Central Coast of the Pacific side of the US. It’s like being in the movie The Goonies there!

I don’t really like super sweet or over-powering smells, so these are subtle enough to work for me.

Get a load of my fortune that arrived with everything too!

What kind of tiny torches do you have at your place? What scents are they?

My dog Bea at Morro Strand, Central Coast 2021 – Sea witch vibes

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