Scary Movies in a Cemetery? Yes, indeed, weekends in October in Hollywood Forever Cemetery (right behind Paramount Studios) is where to be. So many fun things can be had in a cemetery for the living- film appreciation, art and more, as long as you’re mindful of those who are buried there. Many a “famous people”Continue reading “Cinespia”

Malignant House

Haunted house? You’ll have to watch & see September 14, 2021 Are you a fan of the new James Wan directed horror film MALIGNANT too? The horror movie just came out this past weekend – on September 10 (yes- Marie Laveau’s birthday). I’m glad it appears that two womxn wrote the story/screenplay too – sinceContinue reading “Malignant House”

Reprint: My interview with the screenwriters of The Night House!

Southern Horror Writers Serve Up Some Lake-side Mayhem The following is an article I wrote that came out August 18, 2021 in Script Magazine. Here are a few alternative titles I came up with for it- ha: The Reigning Architects of Horror Movie Writing From Psychological Horror to Pinhead, the Winding Path of One WritingContinue reading “Reprint: My interview with the screenwriters of The Night House!”

Haddonfield is South Pasadena

You probably already know this by now, but Haddonfield, Illinois in the 1970s-80s John Carpenter slasher movie series “Halloween” is actually the quaint town of South Pasadena. Even in the Rob Zombie’s 2016 update called “31”, the South Pas Library stands in for the high school. The Myers house is next to the yellow/gold lineContinue reading “Haddonfield is South Pasadena”

Horror meme for the week of Friday the 13th!

So, yeah, humanity comes together with images from horror movies and scary tv shows to express our dismay that the Corona-virus delta variant is out to get us– talk about collective anxiety. Did you post one of these? Are you cool enough of a horror head to guess ones other people tweeted? Did you seeContinue reading “Horror meme for the week of Friday the 13th!”