Scary Movies in a Cemetery?

Yes, indeed, weekends in October in Hollywood Forever Cemetery (right behind Paramount Studios) is where to be.

So many fun things can be had in a cemetery for the living- film appreciation, art and more, as long as you’re mindful of those who are buried there.

Many a “famous people” call Hollywood Forever their final resting spot- a Ramone, Valentino and others. Cats and peacocks also roam the hallowed grounds of this cemetery.

During the high Spooky Season, horror movies can be had among the tombstones. We came out for the original Nightmare on Elm Street. There were so many “Sexy Fred Kruegers” out that night, all kinds of Freddy-s really. No time to be a fraidy cat. The smell of kettle corn and hot dogs was in the air. Groups had their spooky food spreads out. It was fun once again to watch movies with hilarious commentary from the crowd again, this time out in the open air with the celestial stars overhead and the departed stars in the near-by mausoleums.

First we were treated to ’80s tunes by DJ Myles Hendricks, and a slide show of classic movie posters, then darkness came and we tucked away various snacks between listening to people scream– and ducks from the near-by man-made ponds flying over-head …

There’s more Cinespia to come, for every season.

Here’s a look at the scene there that night:

Not Nic Cage’s white pyramid – that one’s in New Orleans
Film IS dead – here’s the proof
World’s largest hag stone- maybe
Freddy might selfie with you

When’s the last time you saw a movie in a cemetery?

All images and video by Thuc Doan Nguyen. All rights reserved. Thank you!

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