Strange Science

Huntington Library and Gardens

knows how to party!

Besides being the home to some corpse flowers, the fine folks at the impressive venue in San Marino, California are also the hosts for an annual event that tantalizes the senses and ushers in that cool spooky autumn feeling- where we have more darkness and more wonderment.

Corpse flowers in repose

The staff was dressed all steampunk wear when we arrived. As we entered, there was dry ice (I mean fog) everywhere creating the mood. My nose immediately picked up on the hot chocolate and baked good stands – mmm mmmm mmmm.

A path leads to various performance stages. Flora and fauna nooks included homages to classic authors of the macabre. The main lawn had a beautifully lit bar and food trunks. The additional bars around the property were beautiful as well.

Bram is the man… the myth
The gorgeous atrium

Further down other dark paths were areas where a magic show was happening and “the Blood and Velvet Lounge” beckoned to guests.

View from the Blood & Velvet Lounge!

A huge highlight of the event included a Tesla Coil electricity show to some really cool music (in this case – tunes from the 90s band Information Society).

And very importantly – everything is quite educational!

Strange Science is not to be missed!

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