August 27, 2021

The creature has been spotted on HGTV’s Twitter!

And along the Pacific Ocean in places like Morro Bay, California:

August 12, 2021

One day until Friday the 13th:

A cryptid to confuse us all –

This is Jasper. He was adopted from an animal rescue, after being moved to two different shelters. Apparently he is from Somis, California (farmland basically) and is said to be around ten years old.

He has fold-y down ears that bounce when he walks- interesting for a “chihuahua”.

He has two fangs that stick up from his bottom lip (no top canine teeth).

Recently, a video surfaced of him howling…

Yes, that is a Halloween scary face decoration behind him in the window. Is it too early for this? We think not, since it stays in where it is all year long.

Next order of business is to get Jasper a very small cape to add to the cut-off jean jacket and “The Dog-Face” (you know, like The Northface) coat he already owns.

Species: North American Loop-di-doo-da-drac-ga-hua-hua?

Jasper recommends some other pets with spooky names or just cool outlooks:

Morty the Misfit

Wobbly Hannah

When the fangs are hidden 😉

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