Goth Dogs

I do not kid – Goth Dogs are real!

When people think of spooky animals- maybe it’s a black cat that comes to mind. Little do folks out there know- there are whole clothing lines just for goth dogs. Rogue & Wolf is one of them.

Please enjoy this pictorial of goth dogs, along with a goth dog meme.

Yeah, Peter Murphy, yeah

Here are my Bea & Roger goth-ing out for Halloween in New Orleans one year.

She’s in purple. He’s in black & white.

Neither one of them have dyed their fur black-

Jasper is always an upside-down vampire & he does own some goth-y blankets- see—

Ever caught your dog reading Propaganda Magazine, well…

I’ve seen goth dogs fully decked out at goth art shows in Los Angeles.

Do you have any evidence of goth dogs in your town?

Your dog(s) dressing up for Halloween?

Bea says she might go as: Beaglejuice Beaglejuice Beaglejuice!

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