Haunted House Droste Effect

How popular “normie” mall brands adapted to the spooky side of life

Yes, I did it, I have a haunted house within a haunted house (two really).

What’s the Droste Effect? It’s a never-ending embedding of something in itself.

I live with a friendly ghost (or maybe ghosts) and now I have a couple miniature haunted houses inside my own bigger haunted home. Pretty cool, huh?

How did I arrive at this point? It was because I was on a chihuahua lovers Facebook page. Yes, I will admit it- I spend time looking at pictures of people’s small dogs doing cute things. One of the group members posted that there were chihuahua vampire night-lights on sale, so I jumped at the link and got one and some “Vampire Blood” soap.

I had to- I have a real live vampire chihuahua of my own.

While on the website, I found out about these haunted house night lights…

So now I have two:

I was surprised to find out that all of this is from Bath & Bodyworks – a familiar mall brand of my youth. I will also admit that I was a “mall-rat” because I worked at my local mall. We did not have this mall growing up as I grew up in the very, very, very quiet swamp-lands of Southern Maryland from age 9 on. Talk about RURAL.

As it came time for my eligibility for a work-permit at age 14, we somehow had a mall built. It was pretty much the only one at the time in the lower tri-county area of Southern Maryland. My first job there was bussing tables at a restaurant, then I worked at a record store (media- vinyl, CDs, etc.) across from a Bath & Bodyworks – which then seemed like it was for “normies”.

Over the years, I found out another mall brand – Crabtree & Evelyn which screamed of floral prints and things like Laura Ashley adopted “tarot” in 2020, so much so to my surprise.

Proof – these brands adapted to what people want.

People want spooky stuff!

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