Current Abode

Soon: LA to NOLA

Mid-August 2021

Spookier Homes & Gardens

I’ve been living in my current spot for five years and have really liked it. I feel fortunate to get to be here and be safe. It’s a multi-gabled house built in 1925, ala a neo-Victorian shape with a very large window facing a fenced in-yard. My neighborhood used to be farmland and is said to be the oldest neighborhood in Los Angeles. It’s taught me a thing or two about what I’d like out of my next home which I plan to live in for a few decades. I’d like to make the next one my “forever home”. I’m excited to see my own personal home style evolution.

My next house will be in New Orleans, Louisiana- the most haunted city in the United States- somewhere I’ve always wanted to live full time.

It’s been really nice to have a secure haunted house + personal orchard / mini-urban farm with some space in a major city, but I’m ready to live somewhere with a smaller population. In the next calendar year, I’m looking to upgrade on style & organization and add a few more hundred square feet to the total.

Here are a few clean corners that I like about my place and yard now (that are safe to show you):

Round table and round rug for added effect. Hurts less when you run into it than a cornered table.

I think rugs really make rooms and so does lighting-

Artwork made by my old Downtown Los Angeles neighbor Talin who now lives in Peru with her hairless cat!
Mermaid scale exterior light fixtures- a gift of my kind friends Jay Thames & Kristen Lively & Rosie
I have two small pink rooms
I quite enjoy this barber’s mirror I installed myself
Listen to the rug!

And now for the yard.. aka “goth garden”

Purple bougainvillea my mom planted for me
It climbs & hangs out with the tangerine tree
Pink bougainvillea. You might be wondering if a pastel goth palette is going on here
Grape vine in the back yard, side yard!
Mimosa tree- free from the City of Los Angeles shade tree program
Good spooky ivy 🙂

What corners of your home have you made that you enjoy? And what do you hope for your next place, or will that be it for you?

Jasper just had some ice cream. He’s one of the men of the house. Don’t mind him 😉

And this is my place before my current home.

I was in this one for nearly half a decade as well.

I was the first non-commercial resident to ever hold that address.

It was an old furniture factory for 1886! And yes- it, too, is haunted.

I can’t take credit for this. It was Kelly Wearstler. Thanks, Kelly!
I was trying to grow nasturtium!

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