Very Superstitious

I was searching “New Orleans” on Discovery Plus again and happened upon this show called Very Superstitious.

Comedian George Lopez, who was raised by his “very superstitious Mexican grandmother”, takes us to various ceremonies and reminds us that people’s religions should be respected- when some people think these practitioners are just being superstitious.

The few episodes I’ve caught so far are called Faith, After Life & Curses – because George spends time in NOLA in them.

Leah Donnella of NPR’s Codeswitch reminds us that Voodoo is not Black Magic and we should really think about this when it comes to Halloween costumes. People’s rituals shouldn’t be mocked.

My writing partner Nanea “Tay” Taylor and I wrote a feature screenplay called The Stroke After Midnight that takes a different look at Voodoo (or Voodou) – because Hollywood always gets it wrong. Voodoo isn’t about sticking pins in people to do them harm. It’s about community and healing.

What family held beliefs or learned beliefs do you have? Where did they come from? Have you seen this show?

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