Spooky things at 826 – New Orleans

Helping young people enjoy writing is a boo-tiful thing! Do you know about 826? You should. They help inner-city kids express themselves through the written word. 826 has locations in various cities around the United States. In particular, their New Orleans based center has a focus on spooky things in their gift shop. I’ve gottenContinue reading “Spooky things at 826 – New Orleans”

Very Superstitious

I was searching “New Orleans” on Discovery Plus again and happened upon this show called Very Superstitious. Comedian George Lopez, who was raised by his “very superstitious Mexican grandmother”, takes us to various ceremonies and reminds us that people’s religions should be respected- when some people think these practitioners are just being superstitious. The fewContinue reading “Very Superstitious”

Non-streaming spookiness

Ready for movie night? We are! Do you ever just miss browsing through a video store or digging through a bargain bin – like a 3-videos for $10 deal? To know you’re the only one who got the DVD you want to watch? Makes you feel like you get that special knowledge, and are notContinue reading “Non-streaming spookiness”