Non-streaming spookiness

Ready for movie night? We are!

A cozy spot for viewing
Semi-healthy snacks are set!

Do you ever just miss browsing through a video store or digging through a bargain bin – like a 3-videos for $10 deal? To know you’re the only one who got the DVD you want to watch? Makes you feel like you get that special knowledge, and are not just one of millions who can watch stuff that appeals to the lowest common denominator, amirite?

To get that feeling again, you may just have to get some DVDs aka non-streaming media.

The PBS station in New Orleans (WYES) has special sales and you can get yourself an insight into spooky history! All PBS outlets have their own local specials and you can get copies for yourself.

Here’s my latest haul during a “Xmas in July” sale-

Here’s a disc set I’m finishing up all about an era of American mafia history- fascinating. This helped me shape a spooky trip I’m going to take: a week in Las Vegas (aka “when in Sin City, sin as the sinners do)…

How many DVDs do you still own?

Some special editions are really cool. It’s like having record sleeves with special art- or colored vinyl- a feeling that digital media cannot give you.

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