Jasper is HGTV x Twitter famous

Just wanted you to know. That’s all 😉 Thanks for recognizing, HGTV! Now just imagine Jasper & David Bromstad hanging out one day… JASPER ADVENTURES: See Jasper’s Discovery Plus National Dog Day winnings here! Jasper gives you a tour of a spooky castle Jasper is one a few living things to know where the MalignantContinue reading “Jasper is HGTV x Twitter famous”

Very Superstitious

I was searching “New Orleans” on Discovery Plus again and happened upon this show called Very Superstitious. Comedian George Lopez, who was raised by his “very superstitious Mexican grandmother”, takes us to various ceremonies and reminds us that people’s religions should be respected- when some people think these practitioners are just being superstitious. The fewContinue reading “Very Superstitious”

Three shows that caught my eye

Even with streaming offerings, I never seem to find enough decent spooky stuff that really piques my interest. However, there are a few things that make my head turn. This announcement of a show about Wednesday Addams makes me want to actually open Netflix. I haven’t been into their originals at all for quite aContinue reading “Three shows that caught my eye”

An oldie, but a funny. A Twilight inspired home make-over

August 11, 2021 I love David Bromstad and found this old show of his I’d never heard of before called “Color Splash” … I know him from “My Lottery Dream Home”. Though I don’t advocate the unhealthy romance story lines in the books/movie series Twilight (you remember – right? Grown women as well as teenagersContinue reading “An oldie, but a funny. A Twilight inspired home make-over”