Jasper is HGTV x Twitter famous

Just wanted you to know. That’s all 😉 Thanks for recognizing, HGTV! Now just imagine Jasper & David Bromstad hanging out one day… JASPER ADVENTURES: See Jasper’s Discovery Plus National Dog Day winnings here! Jasper gives you a tour of a spooky castle Jasper is one a few living things to know where the MalignantContinue reading “Jasper is HGTV x Twitter famous”

An oldie, but a funny. A Twilight inspired home make-over

August 11, 2021 I love David Bromstad and found this old show of his I’d never heard of before called “Color Splash” … I know him from “My Lottery Dream Home”. Though I don’t advocate the unhealthy romance story lines in the books/movie series Twilight (you remember – right? Grown women as well as teenagersContinue reading “An oldie, but a funny. A Twilight inspired home make-over”