An oldie, but a funny. A Twilight inspired home make-over

August 11, 2021

I love David Bromstad and found this old show of his I’d never heard of before called “Color Splash” … I know him from “My Lottery Dream Home”. Though I don’t advocate the unhealthy romance story lines in the books/movie series Twilight (you remember – right? Grown women as well as teenagers went crazy for vampires who sparkle in the sun), I do think it’s interesting that this is the most “out-there”/niche home reno I could find on Discovery Plus.

Because I’d run out of things to watch when I searched “Halloween”, I instead searched “vampire” and got this show. Most home renovation shows make everything “pretty”, which eventually means “basic” and all the same. I think there should be HGTV shows that make rooms/yards/whole houses “spooky”.

#GothGardening, anyone?

Here’s how the “Twilight House” turned out

I pay the $6.99/month for no commercials, so I just watched this on my television

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