Yes, my cutting board is black & my knife is purple

Alright, like some of you out there, I learned to enjoy cooking a little bit during this pandemic. It helps if you have cool accoutrements to trick yourself into spending more time in the kitchen.

I’ve got the pumpkin spice and apple cider soaps out, the magical tea ball and this set up.

I’m going through some “spooky cook-books” and collecting all the materials for my Halloween foods before they sell out- and trust me- they do. You’re not the only one planning ahead for Samhain feast times.

I have a cook-book from Mary & Vincent Price. Yes, I do. Will I Julie & Julia this up?

That has yet to be decided…

You can get this knife just about anywhere now-a-days. Yes, I’m bad- I got this cutting board and its friends here. I’d like to support all kinds of sellers once we figure out this here delta variant. Until then, sadly, I’m getting most things delivered and staying away from most humans.

These tomatoes- I wish you could smell them. Tomato vines are one of the most divine smells in the world, I think. These ripe reds are getting a sprinkling of salt because they are a fruit and I can eat them just like that. However, my preferred way is with sliced, with salt, a thin layer of good mayonnaise, in between white bread. This is because I’m a Southerner, what can I say?

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