Port Tobacco Halloween Weekend Ghost Hunt

It was a cool and spooky Saturday, October 30th evening when a group of people of all ages, backgrounds and genders gathered together to learn about the history of the tiny town of Port Tobacco, Maryland— where stories and settlements date back to the 1600s and earlier. Port Tobacco Village has the main brick courthouseContinue reading “Port Tobacco Halloween Weekend Ghost Hunt”

Three shows that caught my eye

Even with streaming offerings, I never seem to find enough decent spooky stuff that really piques my interest. However, there are a few things that make my head turn. This announcement of a show about Wednesday Addams makes me want to actually open Netflix. I haven’t been into their originals at all for quite aContinue reading “Three shows that caught my eye”

Chilling children’s books

Because I have most of the Edward Gorey books, I had to start branching out. There are a whole legion of grown-ups who appreciate the simplicity and artistry of children’s books and there’s nothing wrong with that! Zak Bagans once said on an episode of Ghost Adventures that his favorite book is A Woggle ofContinue reading “Chilling children’s books”