Milk & honey & flowers?

If you’re anything like me- when you see/hear the words Victorian, Edwardian or Georgian- whether it be architecture, wall-paper styles or vintage clothing, you need it! Apparently tea is no exception. Learning about the words “Victorian London Fog” all together makes me want to don a petticoat and jump into a Sherlock Holmes story. See here:

Does the name of this tea evoke anything literary for you?

Because I lived in the United Kingdom when I was younger, I take my tea with milk or cream and honey where that was extremely commonplace then.

Are you a lumps of sugar or spoonfuls of sugar with your tea- kind of person? Or are you like me? How many tea cozies do you own? Do you knit or crochet them yourself? Do you know what a tea cozy is and how many styles are out there? – it’s insane.

Do you ever read tea leaves to learn about your current circumstances or to predict the future?

When I had tea out, as a young person in London, it was usually oily looking & there was more often times than not someone smoking a cigarette indoors next to me. Ah, olden times.

Now back in America, I have the ritual of having tea every day at home once I begin to get droopy.

One of the most definitive “tea” scenes in cinematic history is in one of my favorite books-to-film (a study of humanity and the invention of “class”) – Howard’s End (the movie, not the tv show). Do you know this magnificent film? It’s in my Top 5 for sure. I was surprised to find a woman online who really broke it down:

Had you any idea there were so many different kinds of Earl Grey out there now? Rose, lavender, all sorts…

Here’s something else I now like to drink with my tea biscuits (which now also sometimes contain flower bits):

Good thing I have a new creamer for all of this!

What kind of tea are you having now-a-days? – and what are you having with it?

I already asked this, but have you seen the film Howard’s End? If not, please get to it.

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