Hot cross

Walking is good for you. It can also help you find cool free stuff. Ornate glass-work & feathers make for nice home decor items. For me, they didn’t cost a damn thing and came with fresh air & a symbolism lesson.

Took my dogs out for a stroll in two not too far off neighborhoods. One evening jaunt had us walking past a cardboard box with kitchen things in it- marked “FREE”. We got a couple neat sparkly things. On the bottom of both pieces of what looks like Victorian era style crystal were crosses within circles. One appears to be a creamer with one handle and the other a creamer/table top item with two handles.

A block up there was a house with brick-work with the same pattern and a cross at the center.

It turns out these are called Sun Crosses. Also see here. They have different meanings in various cultures. Have you seen them anywhere?

On our Sunday drive, we went for a loop walk around a local library where green parrots like to fly by- and got two beautiful feathers of theirs with purple, green, red, blue, yellow and other colors!

“The parrot feather symbolizes happiness and new beginnings.”

Here are some Native American views on parrots:

“Native American tribes have long held a reverence for the parrot. The Pueblo tribe considered it to be a holy bird and used its feathers in rituals or ceremonies that related to healing, prosperity, and growth. It’s said that if you had enough of these feather symbols on your person at one time- including bracelets, leggings, headbands- then all eyes would turn towards you with awe as they recognized this individual was invested in the spiritual world.

The Hopi people often see the parrots landing nearby as an omen from their god Kachina who is known for his colorful appearance and sudden appearances before passing judgment on the living.”


All this- reminders that it’s good to leave the screens behind & get out once in a while. (In Jasper‘s case- to get go flash your fangs & side eye at some neighbors & members of the public to make them laugh).

Meanwhile, Bea (on the right) has her mind on the pastry shop and some hot cross buns…

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