Spooky Viewing

What to watch

Movies and shows that are spooky! … be in the know

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Cemetery movies with Cinespia

#31NightsofHalloween – Kicking off Spooky Season in style

Are you ready for Halloween Kills? To prepare, we ventured off to “Haddonfield”

Malignant rocks & no one else seems to know where Madison Mitchell’s house is so far, but me!

The history of Black Horror films & their impact : The New Candyman

I talk with the screenwriters of a #horrormovie about double lives & double houses

Very Superstitious with George Lopez

A trinity of new streaming shows/new seasons that are hopefully are creepy enough for me

WYES has the spooky history dvds + more

Holy Dopplegangers. Bette Davis x 2 in Dead Ringer

perhaps another kind of “remote viewing” …