Halloween Time Clothing Collabs

You never have to wait ’til Halloween to dress spooky, however…

In recent years, have you also noticed more “witchy” clothing mash-ups coming out in the latter part of the year? In 2020, there was the mad-dash for The Vampire’s Wife x H&M and this past week there was the Hot Topic x Disney Halloween line. Each sold out in virtual seconds with fans begging for re-stocks- and items ending up on re-sale sites for hundreds of dollars.

You blink and it’s all gone!

This is even more proof people want “spooky” in the lives and in their closets.

Did you get your hands on any of this stuff?

Or if you ordered, are you waiting half a year to get it, so maybe you can sport it next Halloween?

Now only if this sweater was candy corn scented…

Back-ordered until next year!
The coveted Hot Topic x Disney cardigan.
Never any cargo pants/jeans for me- thanks.
The Vampire’s Wife x H&M
The Vampire’s Wife rings
The Vampire’s Wife Fang Necklace

Any other “spooky” collaborations I should know about?

I think Batsheva is a womxn’s clothing brand that would be cool as a collab…

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