Sunken Harbor Club

Hidden in the middle of Downtown Brooklyn, New York City is a magical ship that houses the Sunken Harbor Club. This is all within a big old timey restaurant called “G&T” which stands for Gage and Tollner. The people who work there are gifted and talented- from the chefs to the mixologists.

Does this photo not make you think you’ve been transported to yesteryear? Maybe even to a scene right out of The Shining?

A secret place within a secret place…

Upstairs is where you’ll find your spooky, dark and story tiki oasis.

Feel like you’re magically scooped up for a whimsical mysterious trip to a far away land, lost in time—

From all the dark teak wood looking walls —

To the blue custom stained glass —

One of your ship’s mates
Nothing fishy going on here
One rum barrel and one really gorgeous mocktail
The miso-butterscotch pudding with toasted coconut shreds
Some of the wallpaper
Pals abound
Onto the next haunted tiki bar!

Where have your tiki journeys taken you?

Do you have any favorite tiki bars?

Where are they? What do you love about them?

One thought on “Sunken Harbor Club

  1. My Tiki journeys have taken me all over the US. My favorite was Golden Tiki in Vegas!

    Hope to see more. Where do you want to visit next?


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