The Catacombs of Saint Patrick’s in New York City – Autumn Equinox

This fall is the first time St. Pat’s of Nolita (North of Little Italy)/Soho has ever opened up its catacombs in the bowels of its cathedral. A countess is buried in there, along with President Lincoln’s personal surgeon.. and others.

This is also the church where multiple scenes from The Godfather were filmed – inside the and in the adjoining cemetery. Besides Francis Ford Coppola, Martin Scorsese is also a fan of St. Pat’s, says our tour guide. Buried underneath the church are people from the NYC-history that gave us the movie “Gangs of New York” too …

You can get some holy water from upstairs and you’re given a small candle to illuminate your way as you walk through history and find out who’s interred in the city that never sleeps— forever.

Upstairs from the catacombs, the annual San Gennaro Fest was in full swing.

Downstairs, dead silence:

A modest fee for so much history and helping to make history as the first tourists in the catacombs!
A church guide welcomes you!
Meanwhile upstairs on the streets of Little Italy – the living enjoy San Genaro Fest!

Nolita mural art/graffiti across from St. Pat’s

Have you been to any catacombs anywhere and if so, where did you go? Were you scared at all?

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